Young Love Quotes 26 - 29

"At moonlight, At twilight, and every light between. We hug, we kiss, we lay there and dream. At moonlight at twilight and the lights in between, We will be together as long as forever."

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"My tears I cry, are for you my love. The tears you cry, are empty and cold. Tell me the difference, Tell me the truth. Do you mean it? Do you love me? Tell me the answer or else I might die."

"Perfection isn’t real, and looks don’t really matter. How sweet, how true, how caring, how kind…that’s all that really matters."

"I slowly die inside from all the times I’ve cried. I’ve cried for you. You look at me with your beautiful eyes, but you look right through me, like I was never alive. I am invisible, I always will be to you. For some reason I knew, I would always be like this to you. But I wish you were missing me, like I am missing you, but no matter what i do, I’ll always be dead to you."

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